In the style of other cross-country races, the Cross Ponte Romana de Lugo is launched, from this edition, to the two race sessions. On Saturday, the mixed relay races took place under 10, under 12, under 14 and under 16. And the adult mixed relay in which each of the four athletes from each team ran one kilometer.

And on Sunday everything will start at ten in the morning with the under 16 girls to finish with the absolutes (at 12 and 10 the girls over 8700 meters and at 13:00 the boys over 9800). Everything will end at two o’clock with the popular cross that will take place after the posthumous tribute that the organization will pay to Mariano Castiñeira who, first, was an athlete and then a successful coach. Among the people who trained we can highlight Alessandra Aguilar, Tito Margaride, María Abel or Adrián Ben himself, who will be the big star in the men’s race.

Viveiro from Lugo told us today that “I ran here when I was little and once I even won. It’s not my distance but I’m getting about 140 kilometers a week and, although I’m already thinking about the indoor track, I hope to do well here”. The 80-year-old from Lugo (native of Viveiro) was fifth in the Tokyo Games and sixth in the Doha World Cup and although the background is not his distance, he will surely do everything to try to be ahead. Among his rivals we can highlight Yago Rojo, David Palacios, Victor Ruiz, Medhi Elnabaoui, Alejandro Fernández or the locals Manuel Hurtado, Esteban Iglesia and Carlos Villamor.

In the female category, the Lugo cross also grows considerably in terms of participants cwith respect to its first editions and we will be able to see on the lawn of the circuit the Asturian Isabel Barreiro, the Segovian Agueda Múñoz, to Granada-born Andrea Romero. And to the veterans Elena García Grimau and Cristina Espejo. And among the Galician the most outstanding will be Solange Pereira, Ester Navarrete, Laura Santos, María Cedrón and Sara Guerrero. Without forgetting, in lower categories, the presence of one of the strongest promises of our athletics, the sub 18 Xela Martínez.


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