Home Sports Bellingham is already from Madrid for 103 million and six seasons

Bellingham is already from Madrid for 103 million and six seasons

Bellingham is already from Madrid for 103 million and six seasons

The white smoke by Jude Bellingham has been produced: Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund have reached an agreement for the transfer of the British to the white team, in exchange for a fixed 103 million euros and other amounts that depend on various variables that cannot exceed 30% of the fixed amount (103 million), as confirmed by the German club itself to the National Stock Market Commission of the Stock Exchange from Frankfurt. Some amounts that coincide with those that AS reported that Real Madrid had set as a ceiling in the operation to reinforce its midfield. The 19-year-old English midfielder will sign a six-year contract with Real Madrid.

The summer market has not officially started yet and Madrid has already secured one of the key pieces of its future project, which has been its number one priority for months: Bellingham, a class midfielder, verticality and a lot of goal with which the white club wants to seal the relief of Modric, which will continue one more season in white. Benzema’s departure to Saudi football has emphasized the need to sign a center forward, with Harry Kane as the first option, but interest in Bellingham has not waned and with June just beginning, Madrid has secured his signing.


The agreement is agreed by both clubs. Madrid had the “yes” from Bellingham for weeks and it was necessary to reach an agreement with Borussia Dortmund, who intended to get 150 million, but which has finally lowered its fixed claims to 103 million, complemented by various bonuses depending on objectives. The good relations between Madrid and Dortmund, watered with various agreements over the years, have facilitated this task. The next thing is the medical examination, which will take place in the next few days; After overcoming it, he will sign a contract that will join Madrid for six seasons, until 2029.

Madrid has managed to prevail in the market over the many British clubs that aspired to the signing of Bellingham, mainly City among them. The desire of the player to wear white has weighed especially heavily so that the operation can come to fruition. With Bellingham, Madrid signs a midfielder who, despite his 19 years, already has plenty of experience in the elite: he has played the last two years for Dortmund, Last season he scored 6 goals and gave 14 assists and this season he has scored 14 goals and delivered 7 goal passes, in addition to having played 24 games with the senior England team at his age, with participation in Euro 2020 (played in 2021). and the Qatar 2022 World Cup, in which he was the undisputed starter.

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