Home Sports Battaglia: "In the game, we took a step back"

Battaglia: "In the game, we took a step back"

Battaglia: "In the game, we took a step back"

Boca coach, Sebastian Battaglia, He admitted that his team did not play a good game in the semi-final against Racing. But he did not hide his joy at reaching the Professional League Cup final. “In the first half, it was difficult for us to get into the game because the intensity of Racing did not allow us to handle the ball, but in the second half, they lowered the intensity and we tried different things. Today we took a step back in terms of the game and we almost didn’t have situations, but we reached the final which was the most important,” Battaglia told a news conference.

“We couldn’t carry out things that had gone very well for us in the previous game, but the rival also played and Racing came with a lot of confidence. Surely we have to continue improving, but I highlight the desire and hunger that the boys have to continue achieving things. We are in the race in three competitions”, added Battaglia in another section of the wheel with the journalists.

The Boca coach thanked the players for the effort they make on a day-to-day basis and added that even though the final is played next weekend in Córdoba, starting this Sunday the squad will focus on the Copa Libertadores for the one that Boca will play next Tuesday against Corinthians in the Bombonera. “We have to be focused on everything and for Boca all tournaments are important. From now on, we will close the tournament page for a few days and we will think about the Cup and after Tuesday we will start preparing for the final,” Battaglia said.

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