Baskonia resolves the league commitment without too much pressure

Crossing of sensitivities between a Cazoo that had just beaten Valencia Basket in the Euroleague at the Buesa and is preparing for the next match on Tuesday against Madrid, and a Granada that has a much more benevolent calendar. Peñarroya came out with the B lineup, which had shades of C, and sent a message to the less common. “If you want to have minutes, you will have to earn them”, that was the script.

Covirán Granada started the game much better than its rival. The initial 0-4 showed that they were more focused (3-12, min 3). The people from Vitoria insisted on the triple, but with bad shooting percentages (1/5). A good reaction from the people of Alava led to a tie at 17. But Peñarroya’s team, which started with Heidegger, Raieste or Kurucs and then reinforced their commitment with the entry of Thompson, provoked a start that made the first installment end with a 22-19 quite tight.

Things changed in the second installment. Giedraitis’ entry, with three triples in that quarter, caused the rubber to really start to stretch (34-19, min. 13). Broplah responded from the score but, by then, the Buesa team was already unleashed. So what Markus Howard, his main gunner, continued with his sweatshirt on the bench and without playing for a single second. It was the match of the second unit, responding, before traveling to Madrid to face Chus Mateo’s team. Right now the priority is the continental competition.

Pablo Pin would later admit in the press room that the key lay in the bad Nasrid defense in the second quarter. If on Friday night, Peñarroya’s men endorsed 57 points at halftime, they scored 56 against Granada. Effervescence and, again, without the player who scores the most in this team. The Basque team continued adding differences (66-45, min. 23) and ended up resolving the commitment comfortably. Good game, too, by Alex Renfroe, who would leave with 21 points in his private account. The blur of the game would come at the beginning of the last quarter, with the disqualifying ones to Díez and Costa for a brawl. What started with a touch of faces ended in a push and eliminations.

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El Cazoo was amassing their difference (90-73, min. 35) despite some attempt to get closer to the Andalusians. Even Pavel Savkov, who had started the season with Fuenlabrada and returned to Vitoria to
train and be part of the Leb-Plata subsidiary, had his minutes and He debuted with Baskonia in the ACB League. Actually, it was a Euroleague signing since last Wednesday the club registered him for the continental competition. Turning the page and new planning, to digest the victory and travel to Madrid to play on Tuesday in the Euroleague.

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