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Barella enters the PSG agenda

The Inter de Milan you have a serious problem that you have to solve as soon as possible since Nicolò Barella he is not willing to renew his bond with the neroazurros if his salary is not doubled. This has put the Lombard team in check and has attracted the interest of other great teams that would be looking to take advantage of the economic fragility of the Italians to snatch one of their great stars, this club could not be other than the Paris Saint-Germain.

Barella has become one of Inter’s most important players in these last two seasons thanks to a performance of authentic scandal and has already made clear his intentions that his salary is equal to his importance on the field of play, if this does not happen will not continue in the club. Faced with this situation, according to publishes’Calciomercato‘, Paris Saint-Germain would have been interested in getting his contract to reinforce his midfield next year. The French would be willing to pay him those 10 ‘kilos’ for the year that he has been suing the Neroazurros and this puts the transalpine team in serious complications.

Secured contract, but there are doubts

Inter Milan has assured the continuity of Nicolò Barella until June 30, 2024, but he cannot cope with the player’s requests, this raises doubts about his possible exit in the next markets since the footballer would be disappointed with the directive for not making an effort to reward his amazing performance. The problem is that the Neroazurro team has serious financial problems and this summer it got rid of many of the players who had the highest salaries.


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