Ter Stegen: It was not decisive, but neither can it be pointed out in any of the goals. He made some mistake in the exit of the ball, but in general lines he performed at an acceptable level. He had a good intervention to a shot from Benzema, which on the next play ended in a goal.

Alves: He showed that he still has rope for a while and that the challenge that he had ahead was tremendous, since it was his turn in front of Vinicius. The veteran winger was more than good enough, although he was also lucky that the Real Madrid forward did not have his best day, despite the goal.

Araújo: His match was heroic, playing the entire match, including extra time, after having undergone surgery five days before on the right hand. He endured like a wild boar, being very careful not to fall or throw himself so as not to lean on his right hand. In Vinicius’s goal, he may have restrained himself a bit, being aware that he could not throw himself to the ground. In any case, a match to frame yours.

Pique: The Catalan center-back continues at a high level, showing that he still has enough resources to stop a forward of the quality of Benzema. He started out spending too much time throwing the team on long balls, which generally ended up being lost on the wing.

Sunrise: Very irregular. He started with many errors of concentration and being outmatched at all times, but little by little he found himself and improved in his performance. In any case, the third goal came due to his mistake that was not strong enough to stop the rival’s transition.

Sergio Busquets: Indicated in the play of the first goal when he let Benzema steal his wallet, which ended in the counterattack of Vinicius. It was not his best game, with many gaps in his game, but it is also true that in some phases of the game he knew how to hold the game behind his back.

Frenkie: Bad game for the Dutch midfielder, who continues to show symptoms of being in one of his worst moments since he is at Barcelona. Without prominence, with no presence on the field and without volunteering. He may have been depleted after coming out of injury, but his game right now is a shadow of what it was. It no longer came out in the second part.

Gavi: Great game from the squad player, who showed more than one the meaning of commitment and sacrifice. He gave everything on the field, pressing like a wild boar and trying to make it difficult for Real Madrid to get the ball out. With the ball at his feet he always knew how to protect it and give it continuity.

Dembélé: The French forward continues to be a roller coaster of emotions, capable of the best and the worst in the same game. He played on the left wing, focusing a good part of the offensive game. He was very dynamic and active, but without being decisive in the final meters.

Luuk: He continues with his idyll with the goal. On a somewhat fortunate play, he intercepted a Militao cleared ball to get his leg up far enough to get the ball into the back of the net. He was close to scoring another header, but this time Courtois was very attentive. He continues making merits to continue at Barcelona.

Ferran: He made his debut in Barcelona in a big way, starting as a starter and playing from the right wing. In any case, the inactivity of three months off the pitch was noticed, and a lot. He hardly participated in the game and he was very lacking in rhythm. It no longer came out in the second part.


Pedri: He came out in the second half and, despite having been off the pitch for more than three months, he showed that not one iota of his talent has escaped him. He tried a shot that went out by millimeters. Obviously, it was seen that he still lacks competition rhythm.

Abde: He played the entire second half and part of extra time. His game was essential when it came to printing more pressure upstairs.

Fati: This kid has an elf. As he did a few months ago against Levante, in his reappearance after the meniscal injury, he has scored a goal again, with an extraordinary header. With Ansu at the helm, the team recovers, in part, what it needs: a goal.

Memphis: At least he showed less indolence than the day in Granada and tried to do a little more of his part.

Nico: His presence in the field gave packaging and physique to the team.


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