Barça had already commissioned the trip to Cologne

Chronologically, Barça, who played after Polish Kielce (eliminated Veszprem), was the last team to qualify for the Final Four in Cologne (June 17-18). But the reality is that the Barça team had already won the tie in Denmark the previous week: 30-37. That is to say, this meeting at the Palau was a testimonial clash although the Catalan team dressed it up as a partysuch as the farewell at home to the season in the Champions League, the goodbye to Fabregas (for sure) and the possible one to Cindric (invited to go out).

The Portuguese Frade, who will assume the leadership in the Barcelona pivot next season, is already assuming what is going to be asked for: five goals without a miss, defense and attack, sobriety, and presence. That was the best news for Barça, beyond the fact that the clash ended it in the first half to temporize in the second in a white glove match.

The Danish Gudme fought without much conviction to try to at least give a good image. He attacked most of the match with seven and without a goalkeeper, which at this point no longer surprises Ortega’s men.

Only Petrus and Nielsen (although they tried from their goal) did not add goals in a choral but undemanding match for the Catalan team. It was not necessary to sweat too much either, although there was a moment when the local coach stopped the game to request more tension on visiting creator Morten Olsen.

Total, 36-31 (20-13), which means giving up the partial of the second half (16-18). It is what these meetings have in what is no longer at stake, even if one makes an effort for self-love.

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BARÇA (20+16): Gonzalo Perez (1); Aleix Gómez (2), Dika Mem (5.1p), Ludovic Abregas (3), Thiagus Petrus, N’Guessan (2), Wanne (2.1p) —e. initial—, Nielsen (ps.); Makuc (2), Richardson (4.2p), Luis Frade (6), Carlsbogard (4), Luka Cindric (1), Blac Janc (2), Pol Valera (1) and Soler (1).

GOG GUDME (13+18): Thulin; Madsen (5.2p), Rasmussen (2), Olsen (4), Pedersen (3), Tollbring, Jorgensen (3)—e. initial—, Dorgelo (ps.); Jakobsen (3), Kildelund (2), Leger (2), Cehte, Als (3), Clause and Lykke (04.

Partial every 5 minutes: 3-2, 7-4, 9-6, 14-10, 18-12, 20-13 —rest—, 24-17, 27-21, 29-23, 31-26, 33-28 and 36-31 .

Referees: Schulze and Tonnier, from Germany. Danish GOG players Pedersen and Jakobsen were excluded.

Basketball court: Palau Blaugrana. Excellent entry for a minor shock

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