Banreservas opens its first office in Spain opens its first office in Spain

Banreservas  inaugura su primera oficina en España abre primera oficina en España

Within the framework of the Madrid International Fair (Fitur 2023), Banco de Reservas inaugurated a representative office in the Spanish capital as part of its internationalization strategy, which will allow the Dominican diaspora to manage banking and advisory services related to possible investments and other business operations in your country of origin.

The general administrator of Banreservas, Samuel Pereyra, explained that “with this initiative, Banco de Reservas becomes the first and only Dominican bank with a presence in Spain, in addition to achieving progress in its internationalization and positioning outside our borders.”

He added that it will also contribute to promoting the prosperity and well-being of all Dominicans residing in Madrid and other places in Spain, and explained that similar offices are being opened in New York, Miami and Panama.

The representative offices will replicate all the services of the bank from the place where they are carried out, but the financial operations will be carried out in the Dominican Republic.

He explained that this will make it possible to streamline and carry out banking procedures for the Dominican community, without having to travel to their country.


The opening of the office in Madrid, located in the central avenue De la Castellana, close to the Dominican Consulate, is part of the program of activities carried out by Banreservas in the context of the Fair, which is held in Madrid until the 22nd of this month.

Pereyra explained that this office has trained personnel to send remittances, purchase homes and adequately manage their economic resources, through investments in our country.


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