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Bangladesh ferry accident: Overturning of a boat full of Hindu pilgrims in Bangladesh was an accident or a conspiracy! Know how many devotees lost their lives


Bangladesh ferry accident- India TV Hindi News

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Bangladesh ferry accident


  • So far, bodies of 64 people have been recovered
  • delay in relief and rescue operations
  • About 150 Hindu devotees were going by boat to Goddess Darshan

Bangladesh ferry accident:The death toll has now risen to 64 when a boat carrying Hindu pilgrims to visit the centuries-old temple capsized in northern Bangladesh two days ago. However, 20 passengers are still missing. According to eyewitnesses, more than 150 people were in these boats and were on their way to attend the Durga Puja festival on Sunday. During this, the boat became a victim of an accident. Devotees started drowning in the water. In such a situation, the question is being raised whether the incident of overturning a boat full of Hindu devotees was just an accident or some big conspiracy!

Hindu devotees were on their way to Bodeshwari temple on the occasion of Mahalaya, ahead of the start of Durga Puja festival on Sunday, when a boat carrying them capsized in the Koroto river in the country’s north-west Panchgarh district. The rescue work was also not done according to the speed it was supposed to be done. Some lives could have been saved had rescue and relief operations been started immediately.

Rescue efforts intensified on the third day of the incident

According to ‘Dhaka Tribune newspaper’, rescue efforts by local authorities intensified on the third day. Subsequently, 14 more bodies were recovered from Debiganj and Boda Upazila on Tuesday morning. After recovering 50 bodies in the last two days, the rescue team resumed the search operation on Tuesday, ‘bdnews24.com’ quoted Dipankar Roy, Additional Deputy Commissioner, Panchgarh. Witnesses claim that more than 150 passengers were on board the boat. Some people swam back to the bank of the river, but many are still missing. The head of the investigative body, Roy, was quoted by the Dhaka Tribune newspaper as saying, “According to the initial investigation, there were more people on board the boat.

There may be other reasons for the boat sinking

According to the newspaper there could be other reasons behind the sinking of the boat, but it will be revealed by the committee after completing its investigation. ”According to the news, at least 20 people are still missing. However, the family members are standing in queues on the banks of the river in the area, eagerly waiting for the bodies of their loved ones to be pulled out of the water. But so far it has not been successful. The flow of water in the river is very fast.

question about a sudden incident

It is being told that only Hindu families were in the boat. The way in which there are reports of tension between Hindus and Muslims in Bangladesh. In such a situation, the smell of conspiracy is also coming in the boat accident. However, this will be known only after investigation. But family members are expressing all kinds of apprehensions. The entire family of many Hindus, including children, drowned in the river.

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