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Banco BHD and Unphu sign an agreement for the prevention of dementia and Alzheimer’s

Banco BHD and the Pedro Henríquez Ureña University (Unphu) signed a collaboration agreement to carry out the scientific research “LatAm Finger”, to reduce the prevalence of dementia in the Dominican Republic.

This study carried out by the Unphu National Brain Bank is promoted by the Alzheimer’s Association of the United States in fourteen Latin American countries and is carried out with the purpose of preventing cognitive deterioration through the development of an intervention protocol to reduce the possibility of Memory loss and dementia in the elderly population.

The agreement was signed by engineer Luis Molina Achécar, president of Banco BHD, and Mr. Miguel Fiallo Calderón, rector of Unphu, in the presence of Josefina Navarro, senior vice president of Corporate Communication and Social Responsibility of the bank, and Josefina Pepín, vice-rector for Research Projects at the university, on the occasion of the commemoration of World Alzheimer’s Day.

“Promoting human progress is to ensure quality of life for people, in this case the elderly. We are honored to support this program through the collaboration agreement that we signed with the Pedro Henríquez Ureña University and with the Brain Bank research unit, developed for the prevention of dementia and Alzheimer’s in our country,” Molina Achécar said.

Likewise, Fiallo Calderón said that “we value and appreciate the support of Banco BHD for this scientific research in which we have the privilege of participating as a country. This contribution is not only for the participants in this study, but also for those people who will benefit in the future from the protocols that may derive from the results of this research.”

This study is led by Daisy Acosta, scientific researcher, psychiatrist and geriatrician, former president of the World Alzheimer’s Association, who is also the first place winner of the sixth edition of the Women Who Change the World Award.


About the investigation

LatAm Finger is a Latin American initiative promoted by the Alzheimer’s Association of the United States to develop an intervention protocol for the prevention of memory loss and dementia. It is made up of 14 Latin American countries: Argentina (leading country), Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Uruguay.



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