Babolat bets on the expanding women’s market

At the presentation of the Premier P-1 in Madrid, tournament organizers gave an economic data prepared by a Madrid university that showed the growth in the number of paddle tennis players in Spain: seven years ago they were four million players in our country who usually (at least once a month) They played paddle tennis, with thirty percent women. This year the figure has grown to seven million and almost forty percent are women, that they had not even practiced sports before they turned thirty, and had hooked on paddle tennis from the social role he has. That is to say, almost three million women have fun with paddle tennis once every two weeks (now), at least.

This business niche has always been in the sights of the brands that are dedicated to paddle tennis, and this week Babolat has presented its brand for women in Madrid: rackets, shoes and accessories, the three pillars of the game. Regarding the accessories, clothing and paleta bag, there is a lot of competition in the market, and although it is difficult to signify oneself, it has released a very original shoulder bag dedicated to what it can be to transport the shovel, although with a plurality of uses..

Juan Lebrón’s shovel, Babolat’s reference player and world number one, it did not seem that she could be the ideal for the non-professional or high-level female market, and that is why present novelties designed for women with two different types, of control above all, and with the same components as those manufactured for men, to achieve a lighter, lighter shovel adapted to the biotype of women.

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Of the footwear, which sometimes despises who startsany regular player knows that It is essential, for the comfort to function on the different surfaces of the slopes, but above all to avoid injuries. Babolat, with 150 years of history as a brand, maintains the same firm and safe traditional sole, but adapts the design to the female morphology to reinforce the areas with the most wear.

Gemma Mengua (46), Spanish synchronized swimming star, explained in the presentation of the feminine world of Babolat, that she came to paddle tennis when she was retired: “I had never had anything to do with sports in which it was not only my body that I had to control, but paddle tennis arrived, meeting friends on weekends to play, and I became fond of it. And since I am competitive I have always wanted to improve, and of course, when I play I am demanding with myself, and I try to be as well prepared as possible”. That is to say, Gemma represents that millionaire legion of players who dare to enter the court from other disciplines, and who, having turned forty, enjoy competing for the pleasure of having a good time,

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