Another signing for the right-handed lane from the reala team comes to the fore

The sports director of Athletic has scoured the market for a Right sideand your filters have thrown you a player from the Real society. However, he is not from the first team, but from the one he is playing LaLiga Smartbank, the same one directed by Xabi Alonso. In this way, Álex Petxa would not be the only lane in the lion club from Sanse.

This time they have focused on Alex Alone, right back who can also play inside and even as a lane on the other side. the of Saint Sebastian has been one of the most valuable resources in the hand of Alonsoand with the player on the court, the team has been quite dynamic and which proposes many offensive plays.

  athletic side
Álex Sola had all the conditions to be promoted to the first team, but Alguacil has told him no.

The side of Real Sociedad B that Athletic wants is armored with a high clause

The directors of the Reala club have anticipated this type of situation since they have had a great vision and have been successful with Álex Sola. For this reason they have put a clause of 50 million euros, despite the fact that the player does not cost a million euros. However, the San Sebastian team is willing to do business with his side.

From the coaching staff led by Imanol Alguacil, they have decided that they will not promote the side to the first team, when a few weeks ago they had said the opposite. The reason is that Andoni Gorosabel and Joseba Zaldua are in the first team, two lanes that the Basque coach has for next season.

If Athletic sign the side from San Sebastian, they will send him to the first team

Various information from the lion environment has confirmed that Álex Sola is requested in the first team. The problem is that there is an overbooking of right lanes, especially if Ander Capa renews for several seasons. There would be 4 sides that Marcelino García has on the agenda.


Due to Sola’s versatility, the player could occupy the position of Right Midfielder, a demarcation that no one has in the Leon squad, or easily on the left side where only Yuri Berchiche and Mikel Balenziaga are. The important thing for the Bilbao team is to close the signing in this summer market, but nothing will come cheap.