Home World At 90, Captain Kirk made his first real space trip

At 90, Captain Kirk made his first real space trip

At 90, Captain Kirk made his first real space trip

An unforgettable moment for the actor. At 90, William Shatner, who played Captain Kirk in the Star Trek television series, flew into space aboard a Blue Origin rocket.

As with Jeff Bezos’ flight, made a few months earlier, the actor and his three acolytes were able to enjoy microgravity for a few minutes before returning to Earth. After takeoff, the rocket separated from the capsule as expected. The latter continued its race at a height of more than 100 km. In all, the flight lasted 11 minutes.

At 90, the man has simply become the oldest human being to ever travel to space. He breaks a record that had only been set very recently. In fact, the aviator Wally Funk had placed the previous mark at 82 years thanks to her flight last July.

No video of the interior of the capsule has yet been broadcast by Blue Origin. This had already been the case during Jeff Bezos’ flight. The record had been disclosed later, once the crew had returned unharmed.

Upon his return to Earth, William Shatner immediately jumped into the arms of Jeff Bezos, present to greet the space travelers. “Everyone on Earth has to do this. It was incredible, ”said the actor. “What you have given me is the most profound experience of my life. (…) I hope that I will never get over it, ”he then declared to the American billionaire, without managing to hold back a sob. Let it be said, going to space for real will always be out of step with the fact of experiencing it artificially for the small screen.

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