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Aston Martin sits down to negotiate with Fernando Alonso: Ferrari and Mercedes will have to wait

The Asturian is aware that the order of the grid would change in the improvements and the circuit

A few days before Formula 1 begins the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, the teams will arrive with the first changes to the improvement packages and with the possibility of changes in the order of the grid. This could be the specific case of Aston Martin with Fernando Alonso.

And it is that, by Aston Martin with their Spanish driver, Fernando Alonso, they will not be left behind and will introduce several improvements this weekend to be able to fight against the great package of improvements from Mercedes and Ferrari that they have prepared for the first of the triplet races.

Fernando Alonso Aston Martin
Aston Martin does not want to lose Alonso

Fernando Alonso considers that he has not felt pressure from Aston Martin

Even so, Fernando Alonso has not shown himself to be very concerned about this series of changes. “I think it will change from circuit to circuit, depending on the characteristicsbut within a tenth up and down between Aston Martin and its rivals”, Alonso said in an interview to make the issue clear.

In addition, the two-time Formula 1 champion confirms that they will also bring improvements, in addition to others that they already have scheduled throughout the year: “We have scheduled some improvements that will be seen from time to time in the year, but I do not know, for us it is just a gift, where we are“.

The strategies of the British team to improve in 2024

And he emphasizes again that, since his arrival at Silverstone, the expectations were not to be in the position they are in and, therefore, they feel very happy with the results they are achieving and without pressure for each weekend. “We did not expect to be in this positionAlonso clarified.

In the event that at any given time Aston Martin loses performance against its rivals, the Asturian anticipates that they will change their strategy and start preparing for next year again, understanding and learning from the problems they would have suffered this year. But he clarifies that they are growing as a team.

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