From the squad of the lions they regret the loss of this signing

The Osasuna has confirmed the passage of Asier Bonel to the real Madrid, a squad that has kept one of the great talents of the rojillos. At just 13 years old, this Half Point has dazzled in Cadet B. For this reason, he was always in the orbit of great teams, but the meringues have been successful in hiring him.

Let us remember that for some time now the painting of the lions has been behind the signing of this young player. He will have to resign himself, since those of Florentino Perez They have moved quickly to close one of the promises of Spanish football. It will be a signing quite interesting for the future of the Bernabéu.

Asier Bonel was close to reaching Lezama
Asier Bonel was close to reaching Lezama

Real Madrid takes control of one of Osasuna’s stars, Asier Bonel

In this way, Athletic will have to resign itself to Asier Bonel, who will go from Osasuna to Real Madrid. It will then be one of the incorporations that the white team has agreed to strengthen its lower divisions, an aspect that they do not want to neglect at all. Likewise, it would be the second operation that they have undertaken before the market.

This taking into account that one of the players who could reach the first team is Antonio Rudiger. Of course, and returning to the case of the red player, he is not the only one targeted for the future of the meringues since before there was an operation carried out in Mallorca. Goalkeeper Ferran Quetglas, 16, will also arrive in the white squad.

Osasuna’s star midfielder was in Athletic’s orbit

It should be noted that Asier Bonel was very close to Athletic after having a good performance in Osasuna’s Cadet B. Of course, they could not finish closing his arrival in Lezama, which was planned. The issue of the elections has been the focus of attention in the leadership.

We will have to wait then for the official confirmation by Real Madrid regarding this movement. Now, Athletic will have to look for another player on the market who, of course, complies with the club’s philosophy, an item that Asier Bonel had. With such a limited market, it’s cash they couldn’t lose.

The other desired young man

Julen Jon Guerrero is the son of the legend Athletic Julen Guerrero and who has started figure with the meringue box. Well, this attacking midfielder is already beginning to knock on the door of Carlo Ancelotti due to the level displayed. In the last game he has been the protagonist with an assist and a late goal to rescue a draw.

Let us remember that his 18 yearsthis young talent is one of the diamonds that the real Madrid. Florentine he knows his worth and hopes that he finishes exploding so that he can continue his rise to the first team. He has a bright future, but many consider that in the Bernabeu you might not have the progress you expect.

Julen Guerrero sonJulen Guerrero son
Athletic fans know that Julen Jon could make history in San Mamés

Despite his good performance at Real Madrid, where Julen Jon Guerrero could stand out in the best way would be at Athletic

And it is that a sector of the Athletic fans remember Julen Guerrero a lot for all the history he marked in the club. In turn, they are very critical of the fact that the son of one of the best players of all time is at Real Madrid and not with the San Mamés puppies.

For this reason, one of the arguments that some followers of the lions have raised has to do with the composition of the merengue painting today. There, they are skeptical that Julen Jon can reach the first team, when they have the luxury of leaving Brazilians on the bench. There is even talk that his career could be stagnant.

In Lezama he could make history like his father

At the same time, regarding the panorama that he would have in Athletic, it would be different, since it is a club that, due to its philosophy, could shelter and give minutes to a Julen Jon Guerrero who has talent and will look for opportunities. And it is that at this moment, the best destination to ensure progression would be to be part of Lezama.

All the display of talent that he has had in the Real Madrid Youth team could not reach the main team due to all the competition there is. For all that his father did and the love that the lions’ fans have for him, where he could stand out and make history, some followers suggest that he change course and retrace the steps of ‘the Pearl of Lezama’ .


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