Asia’s largest military exercise

Asia’s biggest, “Cobra Gold 2023” has started. More than 7,000 soldiers from 30 countries are taking part in them, which started in Thailand.

Participate in Thailand exercises to conduct exercises Pakistanis hosting more than 7 thousand soldiers from dozens of other countries including Israel, Germany, Sweden.

However, no statement has been issued by Pakistan regarding its participation in the exercises.

According to foreign media, General John Aquilino, the commander of the US military’s Indo-Pacific front, said that after the exercise was suspended due to the Covid-19 epidemic, this year’s exercises will involve about 6,000 US troops and 1,000 from other countries. are being held in the presence of more soldiers.

The US general added that these joint exercises, which will continue until March 10, show how a joint response will help maintain an open and free region so that all countries can maintain peace, stability and sovereignty.

The U.S. Embassy in Bangkok emphasized that this year’s exercises will be the first time space exercises are conducted to understand the impact of solar storms on military operations.

According to the report, military and civilian space agencies of Thailand, USA and Japan are present in these military exercises.

According to the report, countries like Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia and Indonesia are present in all stages of the exercises, but China, India and Australia are also participating in the humanitarian exercises.

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