Asia Cup 2023: There will be a big decision on the Asia Cup soon, so next week will be crucial

There has been a dispute between the Cricket Board of Control in India and the Cricket Board of Pakistan regarding the Asian Cup. Although this dispute is expected to end next week. According to the PTI report, an agreement may be reached between the BCCI and the PCB to host the Asian Cup next week.

In fact, Pakistan has the right to host the Asian Cup to be held this year. But due to the dispute with Pakistan, the BCCI has refused to send the team there. The hybrid model has also been introduced by PCB. According to this model, the rest of the teams will play their matches only in Pakistan, while the India team’s matches can be played in Sri Lanka or United Arab Emirates.

But Sri Lanka and Bangladesh have not accepted this PCB model either. Both countries want the Asian Cup to be held only at a neutral venue. In this sense, the final decision is expected to arrive next week.

On behalf of the Sri Lanka Cricket Board, it has been said, “We have received an invitation to watch the IPL playoff matches. After going there, there will be a discussion about the Asian Cup. Nothing has been decided yet A decision on the organization of the Asian Cup is expected to be made next week.

Please say that the decision on the Asian Cup may also have an impact on the World Cup to be held this year. The Pakistan Cricket Board constantly threatens that if the right to host the Asian Cup is taken away, it will boycott the World Cup. The World Cup will be held in India only after the Asian Cup in October-November.

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