Artificial meat dishes will now be available in the market

مصنوعی گوشت

The trend of meat consumption is increasing all over the world and increasing the production and breeding of livestock alone will not be enough to meet the needs.

To overcome this crisis, scientists are engaged in their efforts and have achieved success in artificially producing meat from various sources.

In this regard, scientists have prepared meat from animal cells in the laboratory, which will adorn the tables of people very soon, and it is also possible to increase its production in the coming days.

Also known as clean meat, cultured meat, and in vitro meat, this meat is artificially produced real meat that is produced directly from animal cells in a laboratory.

After the cells are taken from a healthy animal that is not harmed in the process, they are placed in a large tank where they are fed nutrients until they divide and grow.

The heads of artificial meat companies are hopeful that they will soon be able to serve the meat to customers in various restaurants for which they have hired top-notch chefs.

While there are some hurdles to achieving this success and getting artificial meat recognized in major markets, companies also need more funding to ramp up production so they can sell their beefsteaks and chicken breasts to consumers at a more affordable price, executives say. Will be able to present.

Another difficulty is that initially it may be difficult to attract buyers for the sale of synthetic meat as people will be reluctant to buy it.

It should be noted that the said artificial meat is derived from a small sample of cells collected from cattle, to which other nutrients are later added, which are produced in large steel vessels, a process called a bioreactor. After preparation, this meat looks exactly like real meat, which is also tasty and nutritious.

After the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in November last year declared artificial meat produced by a California company safe for human consumption, lab-made meat products are now safe for human consumption. The skins can be seen on the shelves of UK supermarkets.

Currently, Singapore is the only country where the sale and purchase of this artificial meat is legally allowed, however, this meat will soon be available in the markets in the United States.

It should be noted that majority of people in India do not like to eat meat due to their religious beliefs, but it is worth mentioning here that the said synthetic meat is edible even for these people.