Arrests in an illegal boxing network throughout Spain

The National Police, with an investigation led by the Immigration Group IV, brought down an illegal boxing network with ramifications throughout Spain, as reported by the media. Chronicle and Last minute. The detainees are accused of bringing Latin American boxers to Spain to fight in rings throughout the country, and without health guarantees. Jorge Sánchez, president of the Balearic Boxing Federation and his father, Manuel Sánchez, historic leader and current vice president of the federative bodyamong the detainees. As reported Last minute, This operation started several months ago after a complaint filed by the Spanish Boxing Federation, to which were added several causes of the General Directorate of Esports of the Balearic Government.

The arrests took place on Wednesday morning, when the two defendants They voluntarily appeared accompanied by their lawyers at National Police offices. Boxers from different countries, such as Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua, arrived in Spain. and they were housed in national territory while they received federative files without having papers. Later, they also fought in countries like Germany and England under conditions of irregular immigration. Several of the grants received are also being investigated.

Always according to the aforementioned Balearic media, the detainees they refused to give a statement before the police and it was expected that they would be brought to justice in the following hours. The cause is declared secret, although a large number of people have already come to testify (boxers, technicians, managers…). The police believe that several of the detainees, in addition to bringing the boxers illegally, they would be making them enter the ring without sanitary guarantees by falsifying due to irregularities in the tests that the athletes passed. The investigation continues.

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