Home World Argentina calls on Portugal to consider the Malvinas as a “litigation zone”

Argentina calls on Portugal to consider the Malvinas as a “litigation zone”

Argentina calls on Portugal to consider the Malvinas as a

“[Argentine Minister Felipe Solá asked that] in the negotiations of the European Union with the United Kingdom, after Brexit, the Falklands are considered as a zone of dispute and not as an overseas territory of the United Kingdom”, indicates the note of the Ministries of Affairs foreigners from Argentina, specifying that Argentina’s demand also high to other European Chancellors.

The Malvinas Islands, under British rule since the occupation of 1833, have their sovereignty claimed by Argentina.

The working meeting by videoconference between the Portuguese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Augusto Santos Silva and the Argentine Minister of Foreign Affairs, Felipe Solá, took place within the framework of the presidencies that the two countries will exercise from their respective blocs.

On Wednesday (16), Argentina assumed the semi-annual presidency of Mercosur, a bloc still formed by Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay and which has suspended Venezuela for “breaking the democratic order” since 2016.

Last year, Mercosur and the European Union concluded a free trade agreement after 20 years of negotiations. The current Argentine government of President Alberto Fernández took over a year ago under a promise to “review” the understanding and change the terms of the agreement, but the position was relaxed and the decision to approve, whether or not the text was left to lawmakers.

“Regarding the Mercosur-European Union agreement, we have a favorable opinion, despite the risks, pointing to the future with a view to improving the economy,” said Minister Felipe Solá, adding that “Argentina wants the incorporation of Bolivia” to the Mercosur.

As representatives of their blocs until June 2021, the ministers agreed “to maintain a fluid dialogue and permanent contact to closely follow the evolution of the two blocs and the challenges of Portugal and Argentina in the exercise of these respective leaders”.

Bilaterally, Portugal and Argentina “coincided with the need to increase and diversify trade”.

In 2021, the bicentenary of a strategic decision between the two countries will be celebrated. Portugal was the first country to recognize the independence of Argentina. This happened on July 28, 1821, when the Portuguese João Manuel de Figueiredo, Portugal’s first diplomatic representative in Buenos Aires, handed over his credentials as a trade relations officer, immediately recognizing the independence of the Argentina from Portugal.

“In 2021, if the epidemiological situation allows it, celebrations are planned in both countries,” concludes the note from the Argentine EMN.

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