Arda Güler is jealous of Ancelotti’s preferential treatment of Madrid’s youth team

It was a difficult season for Arda Guler. The Turk can’t get any minutes and is banished in the club. Real Madrid consider him essential for the future. He is a different footballer with a vision of the game that does not exist in the team. Therefore, much more is expected from the player. Of course, the young midfielder is very unhappy with Ancelotti due to the lack of opportunities.

And in insignificant games where Arda Güler could inspire self-confidence, she remained in the background. He The transalpine coach preferred to make space for other players like Ceballos. The boy doesn’t understand his own coach’s attitude towards him. Ancelotti never tires of saying he will have minutes. However, to the detriment of the Turk, he puts other young people like Nico Paz in the foreground.

Arda Guler Ancelotti
Arda Güler is angry with Ancelotti for favoring other players

Nico Paz convinces Ancelotti more than Arda Guler

When selecting players, the Italian coach faces a difficult decision. Everyone knows which 11 Ancelotti has in mind. Especially in important games. Arda Guler is not joining this team. What happens is that he doesn’t come on as a substitute either. What shocks the player the most is that the coach prefers other young people like Nico Paz. And Real Madrid’s youth team is the only one to have made it into the first team.

Nico Paz has been in Real Madrid’s youth squad all his life and is the only one to have more minutes than expected in the first team. He is even a regular player in training. What happens is that he takes the same position as his partner. Therefore, it is difficult to distribute the protocol. What bothers the already international people about Türkiye. Who has had several conversations with his coach to explain the matter.

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Maybe he won’t accept a transfer

There is a lot of speculation about his future. The reality is that the white club intends to offload him next year. However, the boy came to Spain to succeed in the capital’s team. Therefore, it doesn’t look like he will agree to leave the team. Real Madrid wants to repeat the same formula with him as with Brahim or Carvajal. The reality is that with players like Bellingham or Rodrygo Goes it’s complicated.

Consequently, a return to Türkiye can be considered. Even if it comes in the form of a task. The boy still wants to be the protagonist. Make it a priority to have minutes and add experience. Real Madrid is considering giving it to teams playing in Europe. Something that might interest you. The fact is that the company doesn’t want this to become a hot potato.

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