Arcángel after requisition in Peru: “An artist like me is not screwed with his image”

During his presentation at the Reggaetón Lima Festival, at the San Marcos Stadium in the Peruvian capital, the Puerto Rican singer Archangel He sent a message to the National Police of Peru after being intervened by members of that body in the middle of a public highway.

“La Maravilla” explained that even in his native country he has experienced similar situations, for which he warns that no one will damage his image and for which he will not stop visiting or enjoying the South American nation.

“I have a good time every time I step foot in this country. I have no problem, they can review me as many times as they want, thank you Peru for loving me. If they thought that by uploading the news they were going to fuck me, no, no, an artist like me, you don’t fuck with his image because I’m from the neighborhood, ”she said to the shouts and merriment of the public.

Likewise, Archangel congratulated the work of the police, for whom he asked for applause.

“I come from the underworld, that doesn’t bother me, they do that to me even from where I come from. So a round of applause for the Peruvian Police, they are doing their job, how good,” she added.

Last Saturday, the rapper went viral for the video of the moment in which members of the uniform made him get out of his vehicle to search it.

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