Aramco wants Verstappen in Aston Martin

The possible takeover by Aramco would change Aston Martin in Formula 1

Saudi oil giant Aramco is considering taking over Formula One team Aston Martin, a move that could significantly change the racing landscape. This potential purchase, initiated by Lawrence Stroll’s sale of a minority stake to Arctos Partners, indicates the team’s greater ambitions with the new capital.

The partnership with Aramco, already visible as the team’s main sponsorpromises not only a financial boost, but also an advance in technological development and media exposure, which is particularly important given the 2026 regulations requiring 100% sustainable fuels.

Aramco Aston Martin
Amid internal turmoil at Red Bull, key figures such as Max Verstappen and Adrian Newey could be affected, with Aston Martin emerging as a possible new home for them, particularly if the purchase by Aramco goes through.

Future implications of a possible takeover of Aston Martin

This transition would be strategically important before the regulatory restart in 2026 represents a new opportunity for everyone in Formula 1. The infusion of resources and ambition could make Aston Martin an even stronger competitor on the track.

The potential takeover of Aston Martin is attracting a lot of interest, not only because of the changes it could bring to the team, but also because of the opportunities it opens up for prominent figures such as Verstappen and Newey. The alliance between Aston Martin and Aramco strengthened this winter underlines a long-term commitment to Formula 1, both in terms of media presence and technological development.

The future of Aston Martin and F1

This collaboration is critical ahead of the 2026 regulationsThis also includes the mandatory use of 100% sustainable fuels, which underlines the importance of a strong strategic and financial alliance. As Aramco positions itself as a key player in Aston Martin’s future, Formula 1 is preparing for significant changes. The company, already the team’s main sponsor, is showing growing interest in massive commitments within the sport, possibly including a full takeover.

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Aramco’s presence expands Aston Martin’s capabilities, not only in terms of financial resources, but also in the development of sustainable technologies. crucial for future F1 regulations. This potential change of ownership could redefine Aston Martin’s ambitions and performance in the championship, ushering in a new era for both the team and Formula 1 as a whole.

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