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Apple prepares to bring unexpected features to AirPods

Apple may be exploring new health features for its AirPods earbuds.

Equation functions can include temperature measurement and user hearing enhancement.

New Health Features in AirPods Earbuds

Apple AirPods

The Cupertino company may be preparing to add more functionality to its AirPods headphones. This time around, the bet may focus on new health features, an area Apple seems to be focusing its attention on lately.

The information is being presented by The Wall Street Journal, which adds that these features, which will be rolled out, will never be available until next year. Which means that, for now, Apple is exploring the idea of ​​integrating the new features and is not actively working to make them a reality.

Apple may struggle to meet medical regulatory standards

If they move forward, the new features could be temperature measurement, posture monitoring, and improved user hearing. For manufacturers, the greatest difficulty in integrating healthcare resources is meeting the strict standards of existing medical regulations.

But Apple already has work and reputation in that field with all the fitness and health applications it offers, not to mention the Apple Watch Series 7 which includes Oxygen in the Blood, ECG applications and notifies the user with information about their heart rate.

On the other hand, measuring the temperature in the ears is something quite common, so it is not foreseeable that the brand will encounter difficulties in this field. However, improving the user’s hearing can already be a real challenge. This is because it is not customary for state healthcare entities to approve hearing aids for this purpose.

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