Home Tech Apple may release new HomePod and AirPods Max models only in 2025

Apple may release new HomePod and AirPods Max models only in 2025

Apple may release new HomePod and AirPods Max models only in 2025

Apple is much more unpredictable when it comes to updating its acoustic equipment, compared to its series of smartphones, for example.

Now, new predictions suggest that only in 2025, the Cupertino company will launch new versions of the well-known HomePod and AirPods Max devices.

The new models of HomePod and AirPods Max headphones will not arrive until 2025

(1/2) I predict Apple’s next major acoustic product update time will be 2H24-1H25. The following new products are likely to start mass production in 2H24 at the earliest.1. HomePodmini 2.2. AirPods Max 2.3. Low cost version of the AirPods.

— 郭明錤 (Ming-Chi Kuo) (@mingchikuo) February 3, 2023

Although it refreshes its series of iPhones every year, Apple is a bit more unpredictable in its release schedule for other products, especially audio equipment. Even the most trusted brand sources sometimes have a hard time making predictions on this line of devices.

But, fortunately, this does not seem to be the case of the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who, on the social network Twitter, advances with a forecast for the launch date of new equipment in Apple’s audio line.

And the news is not the best for fans of these products. According to the well-known analyst, it will not be until the distant year 2025 or, in a more optimistic perspective, in the second half of 2024, that the Cupertino company will launch a new version of the HomePod, as well as a new model of the AirPods Max.

Kuo goes further and also advances with the possibility of launching a more affordable version of the AirPods headphones at the same time.

Recently, the analyst had already anticipated, in the same social network, with a similar prediction that predicted that Apple could launch a version of its headphones with a much lower price, around 99 dollars, that is, about 90 euros. .

Remember that, in Portugal, AirPods Max are available for a price of 629 euros while the latest model of AirPods Pro 2nd generation costs 299 euros.

With these values ​​in mind, a new version of Apple’s wireless headphones under $100 would actually be much more affordable.

This version may go by the trade designation of Lite, and its specifications will no doubt be far less advanced than its higher-priced counterparts.

Unfortunately, Ming-Chi Kuo does not provide any information on the technical specifications of the headphones or the new HomePod. But at this distance it will always be difficult and risky to make such predictions.

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