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Apple iPhone Ultra will be dangerously tempting in 2024

The thesis is not new, nor is it unreasonable in the opinion of its author. We have an Ultra watch, why not standardize the segment? ultra premium with an Ultra smartphone? That is exactly what brings us here, the supposed Apple iPhone Ultra that arrives in 2024 with weighty arguments.

Speaking about it, we now collect the testimony of technological journalist Mark Gurman, from Bloomberg, in whose newsletter “Power On”, he endorses this possibility. By the way, he does so based on a pronunciation by Tim Cook when the executive addressed the company’s main investors.

Apple iPhone Ultra in everything and especially in price

Apple iPhone

According to previous reports, the Ultra model will be more expensive than the current Pro models. That said, we’re aiming for €2,000, or from €1,999 for Apple’s iPhone Ultra as soon as, or if, it’s actually unveiled by the company in 2024.

This is expected to be Apple’s most disruptive launch since the introduction of the iPhone X, then with a radically different design, introducing us to the notch in November 2017 when it hit stores around the world.

I think it would make sense for Apple to eventually switch to an entry iPhone, 2 iPhones Pro and 1 iPhone Ultra. The last two attempts at new regular iPhone screen sizes (Mini and then Plus) have been unsuccessful. So basically three high end and one entry level versus 2 and 2.

—Mark Gurman (@markgurman) February 5, 2023

According to Gurman, consumers are willing to pay “whatever it takes” to get the best that Apple has to offer. Exploring a feeling of satisfaction that is only achieved when the consumer has the best product for a specific circumstance. Something that Apple can effectively exploit to its advantage with an Ultra model.

Focusing on exclusivity and features reserved only for this model, consumers will be tempted to look at this mobile device to satisfy their curiosity. At the moment, however, the Cupertino giant has not ruled on such a possibility, nor is it likely that it will.

In 2024 we can meet the iPhone Ultra as Apple’s most expensive smartphone

On: Apple says consumers are willing to “stretch” to get the best iPhone possible. So the company is working on an even higher-end Ultra model for 2024, as well as adding more exclusive features to the Pro Max.

—Mark Gurman (@markgurman) February 5, 2023

If this happens, it should be noted that it is very likely that we will have five models, thus reserving the best features for the iPhone Ultra. Soon after, the iPhone Pro and Pro Max will remain, with the base models essentially filling the role of the iPhone SE currently on the market.

Are any of your Apple M1 or M2 processors finally on their way to the iPhone? And what would we do with such processing power in our smartphones, or maybe even an upcoming Apple Watch Ultra?

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