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Apple iPhone 13: the alleged confirmations of Jon Prosser

Jon Prosser, the most prolific of the leaks In information Apple now brings us more details alluding to the iPhone 13. This will be the range of new Apple phones for 2021 and, according to this source, it will actually arrive on September 14 during the fundamental of presentation.

Prosser not only attests to the accuracy of this date, September 14, but also guarantees that new iOS phones will hit stores starting September 24, when sales to the public can begin. However, please note that this is not official information.

The Apple iPhone 13 range may arrive on September 14

Yes! IPhone 13 pre-orders starting September 17, launching September 24 For what it’s worth, we’re double-checking these dates. ☝️https://t.co/aevz5K57Qs

– Jon Prosser (@jon_prosser) August 25, 2021

Apple traditionally introduces new iPhones in September, a habit it broke in 2020 but is expected to rebound this year. Therefore, it is natural that we see the Internet riddled with details and rumors about Cupertino’s technology.

Among the various sources, Prosser has proven to be one of the most prolific and reliable. That said, we consider the date of September 14 for the presentation of the products to be highly probable. The same applies to the date of arrival on the market.

Prosser also signals the arrival of new products beyond the generation of the iPhone 13. Among these we can have the Apple Watch Series 7 and the AirPods 3. All these Apple products can be presented at the next event in September.

In addition to the iPhone 13 we have more Apple products

Here are the expected upcoming Apple products and potential release dates as we approach fall. What products are you most excited about?#Apple # iPhone13 #AirPods #AppleWatch #iPad #Ipad mini #Macbook Pro #Macmini #Technology #AppleHub pic.twitter.com/JBEBTBwTBn

– Apple Hub (@theapplehub) August 28, 2021

Information leaks continue to emerge even as Apple tightens security measures, as well as possible penalties. leaks. However, despite having several details, we do not have real images of the products to be presented.

It should be noted that Jon Prosser cites anonymous sources close to the Cupertino giant, without going any further. Even more, the filter suggests that Apple will start sending out invitations for your presentation very soon.

Prosser also points to the first images of the Mark which will be present on the back of smartphones, as we can see below in the image. There we have the indication of the country of production of the iPhone, as well as its conception as a product.

New products are mass-produced in China

Apple iPhone 13

In short, we have four new iPhone 13 models, from the mini to the Pro Max, with considerable improvements in cameras and displays. We can also have an increase in the amount of internal storage up to 1TB.

At the same time, the notch be considerably reduced, preserving the functions. In fact, this year we can see the return of Touch ID, the fingerprint reading system for authentication purposes.

Finally, we remind you that this information is not official, no matter how likely it may seem. Until the day of the official presentation, everything can change.

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