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Anuel “pica liteo”, accuses Feid of orchestrating a campaign of harassment against him


For days Anuel and Feid have been like two patio gossips on social networks, throwing boxes and drawers at each other. The Puerto Rican urban exponent is a “pica liteo” and does not hesitate in his war against his ex-girlfriend Karol G and his Colombian colleague. Now, the ex-boyfriend of “La Bichota” pointed out to his opponent to maintain a campaign of harassment against him.

“Hahaha now you are sending harassment campaigns with your little team ah bastard ????”, Anuel posted in a direct message to Feid.

Then he adds: “Harassment was what they had me last year. News by news and song by song the queen dragged me, hehe and the whole world saw it.”

However, she clarified that “she and I talked about it a long time ago and we were super good.”

Then he called on his followers: “Do not be fooled by anyone or anything, this campaign of harassment, this news does not come from the queen, that’s what you already know who is jealous. With your little team that ordered it to be done, that’s It’s not the queen, don’t be fooled on the networks.”

The media lawsuit has been going on since the love affairs of Karol G and Feid were revealed, in mid-March, but since the release of “Better than I”, in the voice of Anuel, at the beginning of May, the provocations have been intensified.

In “Better than me”, in a shameless way and without any shame, Anuel dedicated it directly to Karol G.

A few days ago, the Puerto Rican reggaeton singer shared a gallery of images on his Instagram profile that includes a couple of photos and a video holding green thongs that say: “Fuck Ferxxo.” And he wrote: “And this one was dedicated to your boyfriend bb.” Green is the color that identifies the Colombian reggaeton artist and his musical project.

Later, Anuel caused controversy by sharing a story on Instagram with a video sleeping next to Karol G. Of course, it is not about the interpreter herself, but about a T-shirt of the artist, from her tour ‘Strip Love Tour’.

In the face of the provocations, Feid has remained silent, although this week a video was circulated in which Feid supposedly responds to Anuel’s recent attacks, which added fuel to the fire to the dispute between the “current boyfriend” of Karol G and the ex of the Colombian women.

Ferxxo performed last Monday in front of thousands of people as part of his US tour and it was while he was performing ‘Punishment’ on a monster truck that the rear screens showed the crowd in an impressive black and white shot.

However, what stood out the most was a sign held by a smiling fan that read: ‘Fuck Anuel’, which for many was a clear response from the Colombian to the Puerto Rican singer.

In the midst of the controversy, Karol G apparently blocked her ex-boyfriend, since he wrote on Instagram, among other things: “You know what? I just realized I got blocked on IG right now or last night. Guess who and why? Looks like someone got jealous and pissed off.” This, followed by green heart emotes, again Feid’s color.

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