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Anthony Martial, sentenced at Manchester United

Anthony Martial, sentenced at Manchester United

Anthony Martialthe 27-year-old French striker from Manchester Utd, seems to have sealed his fate in the English team. During last weekend’s game against Bournemouth, the player put an end to the patience of his coach, Erik Ten Hag.

The Dutch coach made the decision to replace Martial 57 minutes into the match. A change that was not to the liking of the French striker, who did not hide his discomfort when he left the pitch. Despite not suffering any injuries that required urgent medical attention, Martial made a beeline for the changing rooms, later joining the substitute bench.

Anthony Martial, sentenced at Manchester United

Although Ten Hag tried to downplay the incident, various English media point out that the Dutch coach is tired of the striker and that this last gesture would have been the straw that broke the camel’s back, ruling Martial’s departure from Manchester United in the next summer. This situation marks a turning point in the career of Martial, who has had ups and downs in his performance in recent seasons. Despite boasting technical skills and promising potential, the French player has failed to maintain the desired consistency at Manchester United.

Rumors about his possible departure have already begun to circulate and it is expected that several clubs are interested in taking over Martial’s services. Despite his irregularity, his undeniable talent could attract the interest of teams looking to strengthen their lead. Anthony Martial’s future in professional football is up in the air. Only time will tell what the French striker’s next destination will be and if he can find the stability and success he seeks in his career.

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