With the demise of Omicron, the rate of corona virus cases worldwide will be extremely low, Bill Gates has made a new prediction about corona.

The deadly coronavirus epidemic has gripped the world for the past two years, leaving millions sick and millions dead.


Corona has infected millions even after millions of people have been vaccinated, largely due to Corona’s new variant, Omecron. Of

Bill Gates said during a session on Twitter that after the demise of Omekron, the rate of corona cases worldwide would be very low as everyone would have completed the vaccination, after which corona would be just like a seasonal flu.

When asked if there would be a more contagious type of aftermath, he thought it would not, but could not say for sure.


“There is no possibility of a more contagious type, but this epidemic has taken us by surprise. Omicron will create a lot of resistance in people, at least until next year,” he said. Have to do

The founder of Microsoft said that we need better vaccines that have a lasting effect to eradicate coronavirus.

He added that although there is no doubt that the omicron strain is a cause for concern, due to the rapid identification of new strains, the development of vaccines and antiviral drugs, he expects the cod to become an endemic or endemic disease by 2022. Will


Remember that in March 2021, Bill Gates predicted that by the end of 2022, Corona would be gone and life would return to normal like 2019.