Ander Capa collects bills from Marcelino once their paths have parted

In a recent interview, the winger broke his silence and charged against the Asturian coach

The season ended not as well as expected by the athletic club, Marcellin Garcia and of course ander cloak. The Basque team has run out of quotas for international tournaments, and the whole environment points out that it was a very bad course for everyone. Some players are already packing their bags to leave San Mames, and one of them is undoubtedly the Biscayan side.

In a recent interview, the player was dispatched against the already former coach Leon, and said that he had never taken it seriously. Marcellin has despised” begins by saying the lane, whose contract ends on June 30, and at the moment he has no offers of renewal. We must remember that the elections for the presidency of Athletic are close, and a new leader could change Capa’s course.

Ander Capa Marcelino
Ander Capa broke the silence and expressed everything he thought about Marcelino’s departure.

Ander Capa does not explain the reason for Marcelino’s discriminatory attitude

The lane player expressed his discontent while he was under the orders of the Asturian coach, and questions why he never had a number of minutes that would allow him to demonstrate his true level. He also affirms that he always worked hard, he was one of the first to arrive at training, and he was always ready to play.

“In preseason I was injured before going to England to play the two friendlies and once I recovered for the second and third days, I went back to training hard, well and hoping to play again, either as a starter or from the bench. Once I saw that the weeks went by, I didn’t have a minute and that mentally left me a bit crippled and without hope “commented the full-back.

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Given everything that has happened in the season, Ander Capa wants to continue at Athletic if Marcelino is no longer there

The reason why there is still no renewal offer is that Ander Capa was offered only one year of contract, when he expected it to be two. “The only thing he asked for was two years and they only offered me one. And that one was with goals, if he met those goals, he would have that year. Obviously I said that if he was with that I could not accept it ”.

After that, the winger referred to the coach’s departure and expressed that he wants to continue here, and that the door is not closed. “I don’t close it to anything. I’ve always wanted to renew and stay here, and hopefully that’s the case, but I can’t rule anything out either”. For now, the Basque player will rest from the ordeal of the season that touched him and will be attentive to any call.

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