Laufey: Vocal Jazz Revival

Laufey, an exceptional jazz artist, has been rediscovering the traditions of old while updating them with contemporary arrangements. This talent has earned her the stature of great vocalists like Doris Day, Peggy Lee, and Julie London. But Laufey is no ordinary musician. She not only masters the instruments but also composes and produces her own music.

An accomplished instrumentalist, Laufey plays guitar, piano, cello, and produces all her music. Born with an incredible talent for the cello, she was playing with the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra by the age of 15. She graduated from Berklee College, has produced and released two studio albums since 2020, and won a Grammy for her album “Bewitched”.

This young talent shines in multiple genres, effortlessly traversing from pure jazz to pop-infused arrangements, reminiscent of the classic works of Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, and Jo Staford. Her albums showcase impeccable string sections, as heard in songs like “Haunted” and “Dear Soulmate”. Her mesmerizing performance style captures heartbreak and the ups and downs of love, speaking to fans globally.

Her journey, remarkable for her mere age, testifies to her unconditional love for music and her immense talent. As this gifted vocalist continues to astound and delight, Laufey may just rewire the fabric of what we consider vintage and revitalize classic music for modern ears.

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