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And Bolsonaro says he’s coming back

And Bolsonaro says he's coming back

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From Rio de Janeiro

This time there was an official announcement: Jair Bolsonaro, the unbalanced far-right who was president until the first day of this year, will return to Brazil. He will set foot in national territory at 07:10 a.m. on the morning of Thursday, March 30, after three months on the run in the Orlando region, Florida.

Accompanied by three bodyguards, he will make a direct Orlando-Brasilia flight. It comes one day before the 59th anniversary of the civil-military coup that established a bloody dictatorship in Brazil that lasted from 1964 to 1985, and that he never tires of praising.

There are at least two doubts about the return of the outlaw. The first: in the case of Bolsonaro, who lies as he breathes, will he return? The second: if he returns, what will his arrival be like?

His party prepares a large-scale reception. But he does not know if Bolsonaro will make a live statement upon arrival, or if he will seek refuge in his new home — no one knows exactly what it will be — and then make a broadcast.

In one of those Olympian contradictions in Brazilian politics, the group the criminal supports is called the Liberal Party, which means “liberal” in name and nothing else. It is about the rare mix between the corrupt, corrupters, manipulators and profiteers who, due to an irremediable injustice, are accused of having sold out to Bolsonaro.

No, no, they were never sold to Bolsonaro or to anyone: they were rented and are rented. So much so that since the return of democracy in 1985, they have been on the side of all, absolutely all, governments. Now with Lula, they have opted for another of their specialties: to be divided, one side in favor, the other against, to see what the best offer will be.

The president of the party, Valdemar Costa Neto, who has already been imprisoned for corruption, is impressively ambiguous. As he praises Bolsonaro for being the “absolute leader” of the opposition to Lula, he hints that his wife, Michelle Bolsonaro, a self-described radical evangelical, may replace him as a presidential candidate.

If nothing at all is known about the immediate future of the politician Jair Bolsonaro, there are clear and concrete data about the immediate future of the citizen in question. To begin with, he will have to face a series of processes pending trial, both in the Electoral Justice and in the Common Justice.

There are strong indications that he will be declared “ineligible” for having violated current legislation on various occasions. In addition, he is involved to the core in maneuvers to seize jewelry that was supposedly destined for his wife, worth just over 3.5 million dollars. “Supposedly” because she did not know anything, and everything indicates that the final destination would be the pockets of her husband.

What would be a “gift” from the Arabs arrived in Brazil in the luggage of a sergeant, who in turn was an assistant to the then Minister of Mines and Energy, a retired admiral who was part of the military that Bolsonaro scattered throughout his government. with the sole function of protecting him while they lined themselves with silver. Everywhere you look, there is at least one robust scandal waiting for the fugitive. Will he come back? Well, we have to wait three more days…

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