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Ancelotti deletes Isco

The separation between Isco and Real Madrid is acquiring icy tints of a couple relationship in its last throes. The malagueño has gone to the third plane in Ancelotti’s schemes while he lives the final months of a contract that ends in June 2022 and neither party wishes to extend. The previous national team break marked a before and after between Ancelotti and still 22 madridista. Madrid went to that stop in the League with that defeat in Cornellà and Isco was not there, who stayed in Madrid due to back pain that appeared the day before the trip. That defeat against Espanyol left several players bruised in the eyes of the coach, including some who were not even, as is the case with Isco. After that absence Six games have passed and the number of minutes the midfielder has had says it all: zero, nothing.

In the first weeks, Isco did not leave the injured party (he was absent from the trip to Kiev, the Classic and the match against Osasuna at the Bernabéu) but since he received a medical green light, three substitutions without any opportunity, against Shakhtar in Chamartín , Martínez Valero and this duel against Rayo last Saturday. Counting what he did play before, Isco has been limited to just 166 minutes. Even last season with Zidane, with whom he had different frictions, he had been seen more (303 ‘) at this point. It has been erased.

While there are players with ups and downs but who are still among the club’s ideas for the future and are getting their heads out, like Asensio, there are others in a more problematic situation (see Jovic) and three that end the contract, they will not continue and while the end of the journey is reached they travel in the caboose: this Bale again focused exclusively on Wales, Marcelo (110 minutes) and has been added Isco.

Isco heads to the bench in the match against Shakhtar in Kiev.

As the season progresses and Ancelotti adjusts the team’s gears, further away it seems that Isco will once again have a more or less relevant role. Outside of the Casemiro-Kroos-Modric trio without an expiration date, he has Fede Valverde blindly and the Italian does everything possible to taming a Camavinga that is a wild colt on the pitch. Out of there, the only question is what will happen with Dani Ceballos once you get out of the injury that keeps you unpublished. Behind those six, Isco.

A status that hurts you when it comes to seeing what offers are on the table in summer and if the relevant teams that tested you last summer but they did not go to more because they did not want to pay a transfer for him, they continue to think that Isco is a footballer capable of taking flight …

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