Amiab Albacete has won the Champions Cup this Sunday after winning the final of the tournament played in Germany against Ilunion by 78-64. The team from La Mancha has played an impeccable tournament, winning all three of its matches and manages to proclaim itself European Champion for the first time in its history.

The team led by Esther Jiménez managed to defeat the Italian team of UnipolSai Briantea84 Cantú by 60-78 and in the semifinals they defeated the host team, the Thuringia Bulls, by 70-68.

This Sunday, in the Spanish final, he started the match losing but before the break he was able to come back from the clash to leave with an advantage on the scoreboard.

In the second part, the La Mancha team was superior at all times to his rival with a great Kile Marsh and gets the first Champions Cup in its history.

Next weekend, Amiab Albacete can also be proclaimed League champion if he manages to win in Malaga and get a historic double.


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