America’s categorical position against Jewish settlement came to the fore

The United States has strongly opposed the violent actions carried out by the Israeli army on innocent Palestinians for Jewish settlement on the occupied West Bank of the Jordan River.

In this regard, the US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has said that we are dissatisfied with the violent actions of the Jewish settlers because the United States absolutely does not take any actions that cause further instability, including the expansion of Jewish settlements and inflammatory statements. But opposes.

He said this while addressing a joint press conference after a bilateral meeting with his Israeli counterpart Yoav Galant in Tel Aviv. .

A foreign news agency According to the report Austin informed his Israeli counterpart of the need to reduce the tension arising in this matter and while addressing the Palestinians, he said that we, the Palestinian Authority, should also continue the struggle against terrorism, cooperation and incitement. Appeal to condemn the incidents.

Talking about Iran, Austin has said that we believe that the best way to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons is diplomacy, as President Biden has repeatedly said, the United States will not allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons. will

Israel’s Defense Minister Galant also said in a press conference that Israel is making efforts for stability and security in the West Bank of the occupied Jordan River and for the prosperity of the Palestinian people.

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