Home World American injects his 17-year-old son’s blood to avoid aging

American injects his 17-year-old son’s blood to avoid aging

American injects his 17-year-old son's blood to avoid aging

Bryan Johnson, a 45-year-old American millionaire, wants to use his fortune to accomplish a very specific goal: to be 18 again. For this, the Silicon Valley entrepreneur has decided to spend several million dollars a year to develop the best anti-aging program in the world. Lately, in his quest, the man went so far as to have his 17-year-old son’s blood plasma transfused, reports Bloomberg.

A battery of tests and treatments

Bryan Johnson already follows a very expensive protocol that he details on his YouTube channel: the Blueprint Project. It is a very rigorous sports, food and medical program aimed at reversing the aging process of his organs. To design and lead this program, the millionaire surrounded himself with thirty doctors and multiplies the tests and treatments every month. These include lasers, peels, MRIs, EKGs, blood tests, and colonoscopies, among others. This approach would bear fruit since analyzes would have shown that the “global biological age” of the forties had dropped by at least five years.

The entrepreneur nevertheless wanted to go further and test an even more contested technique. Some beliefs attribute to the blood of children or adolescents rejuvenating virtues for older bodies. They are based in particular on tests carried out on mice, which suggested that the oldest rodents had gained in life expectancy by having absorbed the blood of younger animals. The few tests carried out on humans, on the other hand, have shown little results. Moreover, this belief is associated with a conspiracy theory that claims that members of the global elite use adrenochrome molecules taken from the blood of sacrificed children to rejuvenate themselves.

To see more clearly, Bryan Johnson still wanted to conduct the experiment on himself, and asked for help from his family. It was therefore Talmage, his 17-year-old son, who gave him his blood. Bryan meanwhile donated his blood to Richard, his 77-year-old father. The three men went to a clinic near Dallas (United States) on April 3, where they exchanged their blood plasmas from a liter of blood taken from Talmage and Bryan. For the time being, the entrepreneur has not communicated on the results of this experiment.

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