American crypto miners celebrate victory and hand over control

The US government has not been happy with crypto miners for several years. Some government officials criticize the industry’s energy consumption, which is why they want to track how much energy the industry uses in the United States. However, a judge has now ruled that this is not permitted.

Texas is happy with crypto miners

The state of Texas has been an important stronghold for crypto miners for several years. Many of these companies have moved to this state because of its favorable regulations. This ended up being such a huge success that these companies even formed a new lobbying group called the Texas Blockchain Council.

This organization eventually decided to sue the US government. The national energy ministry has decided to urgently monitor how much energy the mining sector uses.

Last year, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimated that up to 2.3 percent of total U.S. electricity consumption came from just 137 mining sites. Globally, this consumption would average 1 percent of total consumption. The entire sector would use as much electricity as Australia.

Still, the Texas government remains fairly pro-cryptocurrency for now. Last year, miners in the state again received significant subsidies if they temporarily shut down some of their hardware. Texas was experiencing a huge heat wave, which meant there was an urgent need for energy to keep all the air conditioning systems running. Nevertheless, the government is satisfied with the companies because they would help keep the electricity grid stable.

The government is no longer allowed to investigate crypto miners

It appears that the miners will be allowed to do their thing for a while longer. A federal judge in the state of Texas has ruled that the government must stop measuring miners’ consumption. If this continues, the sector would suffer irreparable damage. Meeting the requirements would involve enormous costs.

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