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American actress Kaley Cuoco offers to buy the beaten horse at the Tokyo Olympics

On social media, American actress Kaley Cuoco decided to come to the aid of the horse that had been beaten by the German trainer, Kim Raisner, during the Tokyo Olympics.

The images quickly circulated on social media, sparking a wave of anger from animal advocates and beyond. When the heroine of the series “Big Bang Theory” discovered the images, she could not remain insensitive, especially since she herself is a great fan of horseback riding and her husband is the horse trainer Karl Cook.

“I am going to buy this horse and show it the life it should have. Give your prize, ”said the star on Instagram.

Saddened by the anguish of the animal called Saint Boy, the actress did not hesitate to start her message with strong words: “I think it is my duty and my heart to comment on this shame.” “It is not an Olympic jump show. It is a disgusting representation of our sport in many ways ”, judges Kaley Cuoco through her Instagram story.

Kaley Cuoco said in passing that “the team did not make their country proud” as did the discipline represented.

The former “Charmed” actress also made no secret of her dislike for trainer Kim Raisner and jockey Annika Schleu, as she “wished any other animal that comes into contact with them luck.”

As a reminder, German athlete Annika Schleu had missed the competition while aiming for an Olympic medal. The young woman had not been able to understand the needs of “her teammate”, the Saint Boy horse, whom she had raffled to pass the last tests with her. The 31-year-old cyclist had hit him with a whip, between two sobs.

The gesture of his coach Kim Raisner, who had hit Saint Boy, had not escaped the cameras either. The International Modern Pentathlon Federation (IUPM) suspended the technique “until the end of the Tokyo Olympics.”

Furthermore, in a recent press release from the German Association for the Protection of Animals (Deutscher Tierschutzbund), we learned that the two women are now charged with “cruelty to animals” and “complicity in cruelty to animals” .

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