America informed China of the consequences for supporting Russia

The US Secretary of State strongly warned his Chinese counterpart about China’s support in the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine.

In this regard, the foreign news agency According to the report US Secretary of State Anthony Blanken has asked his Chinese counterpart to stop helping Russia in the Ukraine war.

According to a foreign news agency, a meeting has taken place between the US Secretary of State and his Chinese counterpart Wang Xi on the sidelines of the ongoing international security conference in Munich.

On this occasion, the senior US official said that during the meeting, the US Secretary of State expressed concern and informed the Chinese counterpart about the consequences of helping Russia in the Ukraine war.

Earlier, US Secretary of State Anthony Blanken said in an interview that he has information that China is providing assistance to Russia in the form of arms and ammunition.

On the other hand, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Xi, in his reaction to the Ukraine war, urged the end of the war through negotiations and advised the European countries to think with a cool mind. He said without naming anyone that some forces are not I want the negotiations to be successful or the war to end quickly.

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It should be noted that relations between Beijing and Washington were strained after the downing of a suspected Chinese balloon in American airspace.

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