Amazon is likely to enter the world of Web3 and NFT

It seems that Amazon wants to enter the world of Web3, claims BlockWorks based on a few anonymous sources. The focus of Amazon’s projects within the crypto world would then be on blockchain gaming and NFT, the anonymous sources report.

Big name for crypto industry

Amazon is, of course, a huge company in the e-commerce world and is a welcome addition to the Web3 world in that regard alone. Amazon has the potential to help millions of people with NFTs and other digital assets. That would benefit the adoption of the crypto industry.

“With the amount of customers Amazon has, they can make a huge impact in the NFTs market,” one of the sources told BlockWorks. It is striking that Amazon Web Services (AWS) signed an agreement with Ava Labs not long ago.

That is the company behind the Avalanche blockchain. The idea of ​​that collaboration is to give AWS customers the opportunity to work with Avalanche, for example by running a node. The cool thing is that this is also available for government-level AWS customers.

Few details are known yet

What exactly will happen on Amazon’s side is still unclear at this point. Last year, Andy Jassy, ​​the company’s current CEO, already announced that he is open to selling NFTs with the company. He expects the market to grow considerably and even hinted at crypto payments on Amazon, although that may still be a long way off.

“I expect NFTs to continue to grow very significantly. We’re probably nowhere near adding crypto as a means of payment in our retail business just yet. But I believe over time you will see crypto, and it is possible… it is possible in the future”

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