Amazon is launching an AI tool that makes it easier for sellers to create listings

Amazon continues Bet on artificial intelligence (AI). The company founded by Jeff Bezos has announced the launch of a new generative AI tool that Sellers can create product listings on the Amazon website by simply providing the URL from his own website, he explained in a statement.

In September last year, Amazon announced the launch of a generative AI-based tool to make it easier for sellers to create product listings. Since then, the American company stated: “Over 100,000 Amazon sellers have already used one or more of our generative AI listing tools«. «We always recommend sellers to check the product details we generate before shipping. Most AI-generated offers are already sent and sellers accept suggested attributes with minimal changes almost 80% of the time“, they described in detail.

In this regard, Amazon has stated: “We compared AI-generated content to non-AI-generated content and found improvements in clarity, accuracy and detail, which is possible Increase the visibility of a product when customers search the Amazon store« while sellers have stated that these tools save time, so «can pay more attention to product development«.

Since some sellers have also informed the company that their products are already listed on their own website, Amazon has now decided to improve the tool that allows sellers to leverage their existing listings by simply providing a URL. «This further improves and streamlines the product listing creation process, saving our sellers more time and effort when creating Amazon store listings that engage customers and help increase sales.‘ they claimed.

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The new tool will be available to US sellers in the coming weeks. «The generative AI tools we have implemented to date are constantly evolving. We’re excited about the marketer adoption and quality of AI-generated content we’re already seeing.“, they concluded from Amazon.

In February, Amazon also announced the launch of its Own shopping assistant with generative AI. Under the name of RufusThe new chatbot is intended to improve the online shopping experience. Rufus is trained to the extent Amazon product catalogCustomer reviews, community questions and answers, and information from the Internet and is able to do this Answer customer questions regarding various purchasing and product needsoffer comparisons and make recommendations based on the context of the conversation.

These innovations follow the vision of CEO Andy Jassywho assured last year that every division of the company was experimenting with AI.

Amazon achieved a net profit of 30,400 million dollars (around 27,927 million euros) in 2023, a recovery after the poor previous year in which the investment in Rivian caused net losses of 2,700 million dollars (2,480.9 million euros). Meanwhile, revenue increased 12% to reach $574,800 million (€528,160.5 million) in 2023, compared to $514,000 million (€472,307.5 million) in 2022.

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