Amazon and Eli Lilly enter into an agreement to supply medicines

Amazon and Eli Lilly have reached an agreement that will enable the online pharmacy business of the company founded by Jeff Bezos Deliver medication directly to the consumerthrough LillyDirect. It is the For the first time, Amazon is partnering with a pharmaceutical company since Amazon Pharmacy launched in 2020.

Lilly launched its platform in January and There are currently 14 medications available including Zepbound, his popular weight-loss vaccine, as well as several diabetes medications and a migraine treatment. In this sense, the company stated that it intends to increase the number of drugs in the future, while emphasizing: “The decision to partner with Amazon was driven in part by the high demand for weight loss medications«.

LillyDirect also uses the online pharmacy TruePill to deliver your medication. Frank Cunningham, Vice President of Managed Care Services at Lilly, explained that They will split the orders between the two companies. On his part Vin Gupta, Medical Director of Amazon PharmacySaid: “We are excited to partner with Lilly to reimagine a pharmacy experience that can contribute to better care outcomes«.

«Healthcare in the United States is extremely complicated and has many entrenched interests, which is why Lilly’s partnership with Amazon is a breakthroughHe hinted Neil Saunders, Managing Director of GlobalData Retail. In his words: “Big Pharma’s support of Amazon as a distributor strengthens Amazon’s role in healthcare and could be the start of many more of these deals«.

Amazon entered the pharmaceutical business in 2020 and he has since decided to delve deeper into healthcare. To date, it has focused on providing primary care and dispensing prescriptions Amazon Pharmacy. In 2022, the marketplace caught everyone’s attention after the announcement Takeover of the company One Medical.

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But despite his enthusiasm for the healthcare sector, not all projects went well. Haven, the healthcare joint venture between Amazon, JPMorgan and Berkshire Hathaway, closed in 2021; and a year later it was the turn of the telemedicine service Amazon Care.

The company founded by Jeff Bezos achieved a net profit of 30.4 billion dollars (around 27,927 million euros) in 2023, a recovery after the poor previous year in which the investment in Rivian generated net losses of 2.7 billion dollars (around 2,480.9 million euros ) caused. Meanwhile, revenue increased 12% to reach $574,800 million (€528,160.5 million) in 2023, compared to $514,000 million (€472,307.5 million) in 2022.

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