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Alpine’s scam on Fernando Alonso comes to light: this is how his transfer to Aston Martin was born

The reasons that led the Asturian driver to continue his career with the British team

When Fernando Alonso decided to sign for Aston Martin after having spent his time at Alpine, he surprised everyone. The British team was one of the worst on the grid and the previous season had been far from the top positions. However, the Asturian pilot decided to bet on them.

And it is that surely, leaving Alpine has been one of the best decisions that Fernando Alonso has made throughout his professional life. Now, the Spaniard is living a second youth in the British brand. The AMR23 works and Alonso maximizes its virtues and minimizes its defects.

Alpine Fernando Alonso
Alonso was deceived by Alpine and now the Frenchmen suffer the consequences of their mismanagement

The boss of Alpine, was in charge of not giving importance to Fernando Alonso

Gone is that dark past of the Nano in the French team, where they promised him victories, being important and building him a reliable and fast car to be able to compete for the World Championship. Of course, before these seductive words, the pilot Fernando Alonso succumbed to the charm and decided to try his luck in Alpine.

However, they were all lies. The Alpine team deceived Fernando Alonso with empty promises and he was forced to spend a fateful and hopeless season. A campaign to forget, which ended with Fernando out of the team. A piece of news that surprised the fans of the Spanish pilot.

The French team is in its worst moment and with bad results

Although they tried to convince Fernando Alonso, with traps and deception so that he would continue. But, once, the Asturian saw what was inside, and he was ignored in favor of a pilot who does not have the same level as him, but he was clear that he had to leave. And so he did.

In this way, it has been known that Omar Szafnauer, team leader, is on a tightrope due to the poor results achieved. In addition, he was one of the instigators of those deceptions and the neglect to which Fernando Alonso was subjected. Without a doubt, they are worse than last season.

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