Allamand calls to clear with fair growth the “ghost of the lost decades”

At the inauguration of the XIV Ibero-American Business Meeting, the Ibero-American Secretary General, Andrés Allamand, emphasized that Ibero-America needs its businessmen, because the ghost of the lost decades must be cleared up.

The region grew at 1% or 1.5% decades ago, and the expression “Ibero-America is going to plunge into a lost decade” was coined, but 40 years have passed, and except for some periods of accelerated growth, that ghost reappears.

Clearing it requires four traits for growth: politically inclusive, socially viable, environmentally sustainable, and concerned with reducing inequality and growing the middle classes.

“This vision has to inspire Ibero-America,” he declared.

When talking about growth, we are talking about opportunities in areas with great potential for the future: gender equality, companies that incorporate women at all levels obtain better results; in sustainability, the region has a quarter of the forests, there are minerals, lithium is the key to electromobility, the keys to developing green hydrogen; and digital transformation.

He added that in the region only 62% of households have stable internet in their homes and there are investment possibilities. In addition, there are more than 40 unicorns, an Ibero-American intelligence revolution is taking place, which requires funding and support.

To take advantage of these opportunities, Allamand opted for political stability, legal certainty and adequate regulations. “When governments work hand in hand with businessmen and a firm commitment from the latter to invest in the region itself, things work well,” he said.

Dominican vice bets on a fairer Ibero-America

The Vice President of the Dominican Republic, Raquel Peña, expressed, on behalf of the Dominican Government and President Luis Abinader, the great honor that it represents to welcome all businessmen to “this XIV Ibero-American Business Meeting, which is the gateway to innovative proposals that reach the decision makers of the countries represented in this conclave”.

This Summit of Heads of State and this Business Meeting, highlighted Peña, should be used to welcome the model of openness to international trade, dialogue between nations and the search for joint solutions as a way to successfully overcome the global contradictions that threaten our evolution towards development. Therefore, “it is our wish that the meeting become a true instrument of collaboration, that promotes prosperity and business development in Ibero-America, and that this translates into well-being for all citizens of a fairer Ibero-America”, he concluded. .

Commitment of business organizations

In his speech, the president of CEOE/CEIB Permanent Secretariat, Antonio Garamendi, highlighted that “the Ibero-American Business Meeting stands, once again, as the most important event in the business field at the Ibero-American level, which is held every two years, and which represents the best meeting point between the public and private sectors”. Garamendi stressed the great relevance of the Summits, which undoubtedly provide the backbone on a day-to-day basis, mark the road map,

they make dialogue between companies possible and allow them to continue reaching agreements, generating wealth for all. “Ibero-American companies, in short, that favor the best instrument of equality: employment and training”, he valued.

The business leader had an impact on how business organizations and public-private alliances play a determining role in the current context, serving as an instrumental platform to exchange experiences, knowledge and ideas, to address issues of public interest in order to promote productivity, commercial activity and investment throughout the Ibero-American region. Garamendi highlighted that, “from CEIB and CEOE, and thanks to the alliance that we have maintained with the SEGIB for years, in coordination with the main economic, political and social actors, we are placing special emphasis on how, situating people, workers and companies at the center of our decisions, and thinking about the future that Ibero-America has”.

To close the opening session in Sans Souci, the president of the National Council for Private Enterprise-CONEP, Celso Juan Marranzini, highlighted the significance of being the host organization for this important meeting that unites them in the shared desire to forge a more prosperous, just and sustainable. “Today, from Santo Domingo, Primada de América, we show the world the potential of an Ibero-America that recognizes that there are more things that unite us than those that separate us. We give a strong signal in favor of the development of our countries, defending the private initiative and the freedom of enterprise”, he affirmed.

Marranzini also highlighted the role of the private sector in the country’s growth that occurs in an environment of unprecedented political, economic and social stability over the last six decades. “It is up to us, as businessmen, to support the consolidation of democracy, because in it the private initiative is expressed and manifests itself as another face of the freedoms that only in it we can achieve. Many factors affect the way we do business these days. To be successful, going forward, an additional dose of innovation and resilience will be required”, highlighted Marranzini.

Innovation as a lever for development

At the beginning of the day the president and CEO of COX Energy, Enrique Riquelme; the CEO of Wakalua Avoris Group, Leticia Lauffer; the president of the Hermes Institute. Enrique Goñi; and the manager of Sustainability and Corporate Affairs of Ternova, Rodrigo Samayoa; stressed the great relevance of innovation as a lever for development, especially in the current context, during a panel moderated by

Laura Peña, president of the Employers’ Confederation of the Dominican Republic (Copardom).

Ibero-American Congress of Young Entrepreneurs

Prior to the start of the Business Meeting, the young entrepreneurs also met at their Ibero-American Congress inaugurated by the president of CEOE/CEIB Permanent Secretariat, Antonio Garamendi and the president of the National Association of Young Entrepreneurs of the Dominican Republic (ANJE), Javier Senior ; and was closed by the general director of CEOE Internacional and permanent secretary of the Council of Ibero-American Businessmen, Narciso Casado.

The presidents of the associations of Young Entrepreneurs of the Dominican Republic and Spain also participated in the event; the president of Yes for Europe, Lois Babarro; and the host of the Congress, the president of FIJE, Matías Fernández.

During the meeting, the various challenges that the Region has to face were addressed and highlighted the leading role that young entrepreneurs will have in economic and social growth and in the future of Latin America. The need to implement a stable normative and regulatory framework, promote legal certainty and bet on the quality of the norm was stressed.

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