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All with Vinicius

With his performance at Mestalla, Vinicius has slapped the world’s conscience about racism in sporting events. His gesture, when identifying in the stands the people who uttered repeated insults against him, It has caused a chain reaction on a planetary levela kind of Black Power 2.0 and by the way, an awareness in Spain about the need to act once and for all against this scourge that still shakes us.

Around 12 noon yesterday, the Madrid emitted a release in which he announced a complaint to the Prosecutor’s Office for an alleged hate crime. “(…) Given the seriousness of the events that occurred, Real Madrid has turned to the State Attorney General’s Office, without prejudice to its appearance as a private prosecution in the proceedings that are initiated.”. Shortly after, the white club spread an image of Vinicius met with Florentino Pérez, who had returned urgently from Lithuania to give his full support and that of the entity to the footballer. By then he had already transcended that before Madrid’s complaint, The Valencia Prosecutor’s Office had officially initiated investigation proceedings into what had happened. Everything, without the need for a prior complaint. The one in Mestalla is the tenth complaint who is interposed for racist acts this season with Vinicius as a victim. Rains, it pours.

Vinicius points to the person responsible for the racist insults in Mestalla.JOSEPH JORDANAFP

Now the Justice Meticulously review all the images of the events. One of the authors of the insults has already been identified. Valencia has already announced that it will suspend its subscription and that of other people who are identified for life. The sanctions which provides for spectators the Law against Violence, Racism, Xenophobia and Intolerance in Sports, of July 11, 2007, They range from a fine of between 3,000 and 650,000 euros and a one to two-year ban on entering sporting events.depending on which facts are considered “serious” either “very serious”.

The trickle of communications in favor of Vinicius issued was constant, like the one made by the CSDthis one without naming Vinicius but condemning racism and calling on the Federation and LaLiga to develop an awareness campaign aimed at fans and clubs. The AFE and the Movement against Intolerance chaired by Esteban Ibarra They announced that they are filing a joint complaint. so did The league after the information collected by the party delegate and the viewing of the images: “It must be indicated that, in a more particular way by some local supporters“, says The league in his complaint to Competition and Antiviolence, “Without therefore being coordinated by a large group, numerous intolerant and continuous insults were made towards Vinicius, as reflected in the video whose link is indicated in the attached report where it can be clearly heard ‘fucking black’‘I shit on your dead’, ‘son of a bitch’, ‘Vinicius idiot’, ‘black fucking, son of a bitch’, ‘Vinicius dog’, ‘son of a bitch’, ‘monkey, you’re a fucking monkey‘, ‘fool fool’, ‘uh uh uh”. Luis Rubialespresident of the RFEF, also made an institutional statement.

De Burgos Bengoetxea and Vinicius, on the Mestalla pitch.Aitor MayorGetty Images

Madrid issued a new statement, In the afternoon, in which he thanked his player for the worldwide support, and in which he was also very hard on Luis Rubiales: “We are surprised by the statements of the president of the Spanish Federation (after his institutional declaration) because being as he is the maximum person in charge of Spanish football and of the arbitration establishment, has allowed that forceful action has not been taken, according to FIFA protocols, to avoid the situation that has been reached. The image of our football is seriously damaged and deteriorated in the eyes of the whole world. His passivity has contributed to the helplessness and defenselessness of Vinicius. The referees, far from acting firmly and applying the protocols, have chosen in most cases to refrain (…). In Mestalla, the referee and those responsible for the VAR evaded their responsibilities and made unfair decisions based on incomplete images, that were not seen in their entirety, that were biased and that caused the direct expulsion of our player Vinicius”, said Madrid.

Because that is the B side of the controversy. Vinicius is exposed to a three-game ban for his slap on Hugo Duro. And the footballer’s agency, TFMalso wanted to express himself in this regard: “During the match in Mestalla we have witnessed scenes of widespread racism, intentional and already institutionalized, which are among the most disgusting in the history of football. Three years after the world was shocked by a video in which George Floyd was brutally immobilized, Today, the entire world has witnessed an event in which Vinicius has been immobilized in a cowardly, violent and unacceptable way during a discussion”, he said, to describe the tangana in which came he was expelled.

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