Ale Galán: “In the P-1 of Madrid Lebrón and I will go to death”

In the last three seasons Juan Lebrón (28) and Ale Galán (27) have dominated the world ranking generating changes of couples to complicate their hegemony. This season, injuries to both have slowed them down in the WPT: Galán is the fourth and Lebrón the sixth, although they are still the number one in the of the International Federation (FIP). Galán waits for Lebrón to play in Rome and be at full capacity in the P-1 in Madrid.

-Are you already training with Juan Lebrón?

-Juan is doing specific recovery work, and I play paddle tennis with Jon Sanz, with whom I want to win next week in Valencia, for him, which would be his first tournament, and for me, who still haven’t started this season .

You missed an appointment due to physical problems; Lebrón has been off the court for more than six. How is it explained?

-After three years that injuries respected us, now they do not all come together. It is also true that we are the couple that has played the most games in recent times. We both decided to take care of our bodies and not accept gigs and things like that because we are paying that toll of physical exhaustion. I’ve been playing with pain in my knees for years, from jumping so much without adequate preparation; but I more or less control it.

Alejandro Galán, with his new shovel.
Alejandro Galán, with his new shovel.

Lebrón announces his return for the Rome Major, from July 8 to 16. He generates doubts, expectation, you know.

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-A hard return, because then he chains four tournaments in a row, and I five. I asked him to come back when he was fully recovered, that he shouldn’t suffer on the track; we can win or lose, but enjoying.-

Will it give them time to recover number one in the ranking?

-As the WPT is with the dominance of Tapia and Coello, I think the first place has been decided, but in the FIP ranking we are the first, and now we are going to two tournaments that we won in the Premier last year, first Rome and then Madrid (July 17-23). A little Rome will be our preparation for the Madrid P-1

That you promise to win again, of course.

-You cannot promise what you do not know if you are going to fulfill it, and I have never promised a victory; but what I can assure you is that Juan and I are going to die in Madrid, because we also don’t know how to play any other way.

Are Tapia and Coello so good that they have only lost two games all season??

-Good? I can only say that we have played three finals with them this season, good matches even though we were not at the best physical level, and in all three they beat us well. We are aware of their quality, like that of Franco Stupaczuk and Martín Di Nenno, the only couple that has beaten them this year.

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