Home Sports Alba Vázquez and Emma Carrasco, with one foot in Fukuoka

Alba Vázquez and Emma Carrasco, with one foot in Fukuoka

Alba Vázquez and Emma Carrasco, with one foot in Fukuoka

The tremendous beginning of the Son Hugo Spring Open (Mallorca) reduced its flame this Thursday, where no minimum A was achieved for the Fukuoka World Cup after those obtained by Carmen Weiler, Carlos Garach and Angela Martinez. There were no direct classifications, but indirect ones, or what the technical direction of the RFEN calls “marks of consideration”, the minimum FINA B that two swimmers achieved in the 400 styles. Alba Vázquez, who was the junior world champion and record holder, and Emma Carrasco, the young talent now trained by Ben Titley at the Sant Cugat CAR.

The 400 IM, a test in which Mireia Belmonte marked an era in Spain, Europe and in the Games (bronze in Rio 2016), now has two young swimmers who want to make their way. It is a wild test in which all styles are mixed and where a high level of training is required. That is why little by little swimmers have been disappearing internationallyhe. At the Tokyo Games, there were barely any female swimmers to complete three heats. Vázquez stopped the timer in 4:41.16, while the junior swimmer did 4:42.92. She was asked to get off at 4:40 (4:39.92).

Taking into account their age and their expected progression, the logical thing is that the technical management include them in a team that little by little is gaining newcomer swimmers, like Weiler, who is making a strong entry into the national team. The participation of the 4×200 freestyle relay is also expected, which came very close to meeting the criteria. In fact, they lowered the mark that was requested, but only the individual classification of one of the swimmers is missing, which will be, yes, expensive, waiting for improvement in the next tournament, the Mare Nostrum.

In the male category, the first four, Luis Domínguez (1:47.75), César Castro (1:47.88), Sergio de Celis (1:47.91) and Carlos Quijada (1:49.19), they managed to lower the mark by far, but the fastest swimmer was needed to be at least under 1:47.60. In the Mare Nostrum this situation could occur to classify the relay, which would entail accumulating four new swimmers that could add individual tests. In the female category, the added time was also lower than the established time. Swim in a final tie Ainhoa ​​Campabadal (1:59.52) Alba Herrero (2:00.10), Paula Juste (2:00.46) and Carla Carrón (2:00.57), who were behind the Belgian Valery Dumont (1: 57.91). One of the Spanish swimmers must swim in the Mare Nostrum below 1:59.25.

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