Ajay Devgn Following strict rules before going to Sabarimala temple: Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn will start filming his new movie soon. Earlier, Ajay Devgan had come to the Sabarimala temple in Kerala to receive darshan. Many photos and images of the actor have also come out of the Sabarimala temple. But do you know that Ajay Devgan has also done 41 days of rigorous sadhana by going to Sabarimala temple?

Actually, it is not so easy to see Lord Ayyapa, before going to the Sabarimala temple, anyone had to follow some strict rules. Singham Ajay Devgan from Bollywood has also followed these strict rules.

Ajay Devgan has reportedly been sleeping on the floor for 11 days laying down a mat, and for the past 41 days he wore only black clothing. The actor also followed rules such as not cutting his nails and hair and not shaving for a month before going to the Sabarimala temple. Not only this, he has also followed strict celibate rules such as walking barefoot, worshiping every morning and evening, and always wearing a Tulsi garland around his neck.

Let us tell you that many photos of Ajay Devgan appeared on social media while visiting the Sabarimala temple. In these images you can also see Ajay Devgan dressed in black, lifting something over the sick. Apart from this, there are many photos of Ajay Devgan with the priest in the temple. In which Ajay is seen wearing a red shawl and the priest is seen tying a thread in his hand. Apart from this, Ajay Devgan recently shared a video of himself on Instagram, in which the actor is seen walking in elegant style and along with this, he wrote in the caption: ‘Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa’.



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