“AI is changing the rules of the game in installment financing”

Pepper is a specialist in installment purchase financing. Emerging from the Australian multinational company founded in 2000, Pepper España relies on innovation and data analysis to offer personalized financing to more than 1.5 million customers in more than 11,000 physical and online points of sale.

Technology is making a difference in the deferred payments space and will continue to do so, both for the company and for the customer. For the businessestechnology means agile and simple processes, without documentation, with real-time approval and immediate payment. For the customer, the technology brings with it a 100% digital process and an unbeatable experience.

However, AI is becoming an accelerator of improvements in financed purchasing solutions that we couldn’t even imagine just a few years ago. Particularly in its ability to Enrich data models to make instant credit decisions and also in terms of the experience of both the consumer financing and the e-commerce or physical store offering the financing.

Pepper’s contribution

Pepper goes where others can’t. We have been relying on technology and advanced data models for more than 15 years They allow the company to offer an unmatched customer experience and have made Pepper a reference brand that facilitates increasing sales in e-commerce and affiliated stores, becoming the best deferred payment choice for consumers.

Today, omnichannel and omniproduct sales platforms struggle to manage a single financing offer to customers from the same place, for both their e-commerce store and their physical store, with unified processes and real-time information for decision making.

Pepper creates highly personalized omnichannel solutions when designing products or processes. Every business segment has its peculiarities, every e-commerce is unique and standard solutions, the typical “coffee for everyone”, no longer work Physical businesses or e-commerce businesses are increasingly demanding customer satisfaction and profitability. This service resulted in higher sales and better margins.

Personalize deferred payments and customer satisfaction

Every company has a specific relationship with its customers, sells specific products and has different needs. Only the profound adaptation of processes and transparent information and directly in both directions between e-commerce and financier and vice versa, high transformation rates and thus high customer satisfaction can be achieved.

The satisfaction of the customer who purchases and finances is an essential goal of loyalty and profitability for physical and online businesses. A shopping cart worth €100, €500 or €2,000 are different and require personalized processes and offers to help the customer with their payment decision and also to provide a highly satisfactory experience. The satisfied customer will buy again, and when they come back the experience will be even better.

An electronics basket is different from one related to the engine or an online training course. They shouldn’t have the same processes or the same decision-making models.

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A differentiated financing process with a high degree of individualization will be a central trend in 2024 for e-commerce who want to increase sales and achieve higher profitability

Responsible financing

When a responsible financier like Pepper offers deferred payment on a shopping cart, they analyze each customer’s situation in depth to ensure two things. Firstly, that the able-bodied consumer has access to a flexible financing offer that adapts to his or her ability to pay and, secondly, that any costs incurred by the consumer are minimal or reasonable.

More than 90% of purchases financed with Pepper are interest-free, which facilitates access to all types of products in easy installments. In addition, there are no burdensome monthly commissions for services, which ultimately incur excessive and unfair costs for the majority of customers with sufficient ability to pay.

The Pepper Commerce App

In a process of constant innovation, the company recently introduced the app Pepper shops, where it offers companies a different process in terms of speed and breadth of products and services. It takes two minutes from start to finish and up to €10,000 can be funded instantly.

The app is a complement to Pepper’s current platforms and despite its recent launch, the adoption rate among affiliated companies suggests that it will become the reference platform in the next 12 months.

Challenges for 2024

The company, which employs nearly 350 professionals, will continue to work hand in hand with its affiliates to improve processes and services to increase sales, increase profitability and increase customer satisfaction.

As part of its strategy to improve customer experience A new app will be launched in 2024, replacing the current customer area with more functionality and a more intuitive interface to make editing and consulting your products easier.

All this serves to give continuity to a growth trajectory that makes this possible By 2024, we will exceed 2 million customers and continue to integrate leading brands into our more than 11,000 e-commerce and physical points of sale who are currently using their installment financing solutions.

In addition, the company will continue to promote environmental and social initiatives that have a positive impact.

In the environmental sector, the carbon neutral company received the “Calculation Offset 2022” seal for the reforestation initiative of two burnt areas in Galicia, which allowed the company to offset 105 tons of CO2 from its carbon footprint in 2022.

In the social area, there are many initiatives in which the company took part in 2023 and which it will continue in 2024. Being among the TOP 50 DIVERSITY COMPANY is a great recognition for the daily work to make Pepper a better place to work for all employees and employees.

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